Not carrying liability insurance is a huge risk if you're an independent contractor. A single lawsuit has the potential to bankrupt your business and devastate your life. Even if you are without fault, you can be named in a lawsuit and subject to costly legal fees.

Professional liability insurance protects you from incidents that arise as a result of your professional training services. If you are providing any form of health and safety instruction or training, you should have your own professional liability insurance policy to protect yourself from real or alleged malpractice.

Even if you receive professional liability coverage through an employer, you may be surprised to find out what is not covered. And the odds are you will not be insured by your employer for any independent training or instruction you perform outside the scope of your official position.

General liability insurance is included at no additional charge in our program. Both professional liability and general liability are critical coverages to protect you. While professional liability provides coverage against claims asserting you made an error or omission causing damages to others; general liability protects you from claims asserting you caused bodily injury or property damages to others.


  • One policy provides both professional and general liability coverage
  • Choose a level of coverage ranging from $500,000 per claim / $1 million aggregate to $2 million per claim / $4 million annual aggregate
  • Worldwide coverage

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