The Professional & General Liability Plan protects you against a broad range of exposures associated with your training services, such as:

  • Coverage of professional and general liability available on one policy up to:
    • $2,000,000 per claim
    • $4,000,000 annual aggregate
  • Fire and Water Damage Liability up to $100,000 if your work causes a fire or water damage to structures you rent or lease
  • Medical Expense (regardless of fault) up to $2,000 for any person caused by the condition of your premises or by professional services you provide
  • Personal advertising injury (slander, libel, violation of right of privacy, etc.)
  • Deposition fees and expenses up to $5,000
  • Limited defense for sexual assault allegations
  • Coverage for you and your independent contractors

Professional Liability - Professional Liability provides coverage against claims asserting you made an error or omission causing damages to others.

General Liability - General Liability protects you from claims asserting you caused bodily injury or property damages to others.

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